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Q: What would your prefer: reading your favorite book over and over again until you got sick of it OR reading 100s of mediocre books? And why?

This might surprise you, but I would definitely prefer to have 100′s of mediocre books! Think about it. After a while I would remember every single line of my favorite book. Then, it would no longer be fun. With my mediocre books, I would have a lot of things to complain about, things to laugh at, characters to mentally choke. I’d take what little good I can find in them, then combine them all to make a huge, mega awesome book! Id compile a list called, “The Best of the Mediocre…”. See? It’ll all work out.

Seriously, I don’t like to reread books. I don’t want to ruin a book like I did to some former favorite songs (listening to them over and over again.) Also, I like to read something new. I do want to reread books most of the time, but then I think, “Hey, that could be another new book you’re reading – and that potential new book might even be your new favorite!”. I know, it sounds silly, but I can’t help it!

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  1. I have threatened a few favorite books with too much reading. I’m careful of long-time fav’s not to wear ‘em out, so I understand what you’re saying, even tho I am a re-reader, for sure. I answered the other way: Colorimetry

  2. Hopping through. Welcome to FF! I get your point but I think eventually I’d prefer my favorite book.
    My Hop

  3. I trust you to get fun out of the mediocrity of it all. And I guess it also really depends on how you can tolerate them. I’m not a big rereader as well but I’d rather do it than suffer from the pages of a hundred books that I’ll never like no matter how many times I read them. Anyway, have a happy weekend. :D

    Old follower,
    Sarah @ Smitten over Books
    Here’s my FF post.

  4. I think it depends on your definition of “mediocre.” I would define a mediocre book as fair to midlin’, meaning that it has some entertainment value and possibly even some moments of pure inspiration. If you have an active imagination, you can often entertain yourself with daydreams based on characters and settings from those books. That can be quite satisfying.

    Much as I love my favorite books, I don’t feel compelled to read them over and over, at least, not in a short amount of time. I’ve read THE LORD OF THE RINGS six times in my life, and each time the story strikes me a little differently. Conceivably, that could be true about a “mediocre” book too — you may read it a few years down the road and like it a lot more.

  5. Chelyn24@theskiingblog

    I love collecting interesting books, but more often I want to read something unique just like what you gather with us.. Its not bored because it include a kind of twist of variety…

  6. Nicole

    for me,. I like to read is Romance book.. full of love .hehehe..
    well thanks for shearing this..

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