Street Magic by Tamora Pierce

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Street Magic (Circle Opens #2) by Tamora Pierce


Briar Moss been training four years as a plant mage, but he hasn’t put his past behind him. He meets a street girl, Evvy, using powerful magic to polish stones for a merchant, and resolves to find her a teacher. But Briar understands the city’s gangs as well as he understands Evvy. When gang warfare breaks out, he discovers that the fiercest gang is seeking a stone mage to lead them to hidden gems. Only Briar and his magic can offer Evvy protection. Swept up in a bloody conflict, Briar must decide if he’s ready to make the final step away from his former life as a “street rat”.


My Review:

Wow! I don’t think I can fully express just how much I love Bruce Coville and the entire Full Cast Audio team. Those people know their stuff, and they know just how to make an audiobook a great listening experience! I found myself, days later, randomly yelling out, “Pahan Briar!” The way the narrator said just really stands out.  I loved the audio version of this book. I don’t know if I would have liked it as much if I had read it, but listening was very enjoyable!

Normally I wouldn’t be interested in any book about gangs, but this one was different and I liked it. Don’t get me wrong, there were gangs, so there was violence (some was pretty bad). I was surprised that it was so graphic especially since the book involved the younger teens. But they were in gangs and that’s how they lived. Keep in mind that wasn’t violent just because the author could write it, but to show what the kids in gangs went through.

I loved how Briar seemed to grow up in this book. This is my first Tamora book, I didn’t read the first book in this series, but I didn’t feel like I was lost at all. You could just see that he had matured. He recognized the necessity of gangs, but also knew the harm in them. I loved how Briar took Evvy under his wing, even though he wasn’t happy about it in the beginning. Evvy was a little sweetheart. I’m glad that Briar found her and became her teacher. I think her character could have easily been written as annoying, but she was far from it. She was actually pretty smart. Evvy and Briar have very good chemistry. Their friendship was very believable. Note to self: Do not make Briar mad!

The lady gang leader was very creepy. I thought the person that did her voice did a great job. Just the right amount of menace and sweetness to make you fear her. I know she scared me!

Overall I was very impressed. Because of the graphic violence in some parts, tweens might want to go over it with their parents (ha, not the other way around?!). The audiobook was especially good. The Full Cast team made all of the characters interesting and believable. This is the kind of audiobook you would give to people who are reluctant to try them. I’d definitely recommend it.

Street Magic is book 2 of a 4 book (completed) series.


Street Magic (Circle Opens #2) by Tamora Pierce
Book Length: 264 pages
Release Date: April 1st 2002 by Scholastic Paperbacks(first published 2001)
ISBN: 0590396439 (ISBN13: 9780590396431)

Audio CD’s: 8 discs
Audio Length: 7 hours and 14 min.
Release Date: 7/5/2006
Narrator: Bruce Coville and the Full Cast Family
ISBN: 1933322470 (ISBN13: 9781933322476)
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  1. Thanks for the info, I’ve been interested in this for quite some time, and it’s great I found your blog. I’ve been meaning to start reading this book, and now I’m going to have too!

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